Two Twins

Two twins have a discussion in their mother’s womb

“Oh, it’s suffocating in here!  I cannot even move anymore.  You have grown too much.”

“No, it’s you who has grown too much!  I am rather thin”

“Stop the bickering! Do you have any idea where this will take us?”

“I don’t have a clue.”

“So you don’t believe there is life after birth?”

“Life after birth? Do you believe in it?”

“But of course! It’s our life’s purpose.  We need to grow and prepare ourselves, to become strong enough for birth, and life thereafter.”

“You’re crazy! That’s completely nuts!  What would happen then?”

“I don’t really know, but in any case, it would be lighter than in here.  Maybe, we would be able to walk, and eat with our mouth, and who knows what else.”

“Wow! What stupidity!  Walking? And eating with our mouth? What a bizarre concept.  We have an umbilical cord to feed us, and it’s way too short for us to walk around.”

“Of course it is possible.  Sure, there would be differences.”

“But no one has ever come back from there!  Nobody!  Do you understand that?  Life is over after birth. Furthermore, I find this life painful and difficult enough.”

“Even if I don’t know how this will turn out after birth, we will at least get to see our mother.”

“Our mother?  You believe in her? Where is she then?”

“She is here, all around us.  Without her, we couldn’t exist.”

“I have never noticed a mother, therefore she doesn’t exist either.”

“Of course she does.  From time to time, when we are really quiet, I have heard her, like a voice…very far away, but in the same time, very close.  I think we will see her one day.  I am very anxious to meet and to know her.”

Sometimes we are so oblivious, and at the same time, skeptical of what we don’t see.  Like twins within the womb, is our present life just another sequence in our existence?  What are your thoughts?