As lately our economy seems challenged, let’s remember that money is just energy like everything else. We are encountering those difficulties because this energy has been misused. We put so much emphasis on money that we are blocking its flow. We horde money out of fear either of not having enough, or of loosing it. We rely too much on money to feel safe. Money is necessary in the world we live in and having money aside is always wise, but how much money is enough? If you rely on money to feel safe you will never have enough because if money can buy a lot, it does not prevent upheaval in ones life. In fact the more you fear the more you attract what you project. If you are concern about your material well being right now, release this fear to your Higher-self and trust that in this place of surrender you will be guided and help. The universe is abundant and there is no shortage of anything. Your thoughts determine what you energetically project and therefore what you will receive. Your fears belong to the lower non evolved consciousness, is it really where you want to tap your energy from? So I suggest you bring the light in your self and in the world at large, it will do a great deal of good for everyone.