Full Moon

This month full moon will be on Monday Sept 12th at 4:28 pm.

As I stated in my book, it is a great opportunity for us to use the
energy available at that time.

“The days of the full moon are particularly potent for meditation, because at that time the moon is on the other side of the earth, and the sun’s energy can come to us unimpeded and  more powerfully. Therefore, the full moon meditation is not about connecting with the moon but rather about allowing the more evolved energy of the sun to enter our energy field with more radiance and power. This powerful energy stimulates our soul and our higher mind, as well as the lower parts of our personality. It often disturbs the consciousness of our emotional body, and many people at the time of the full moon find themselves angrier or more reactive, less able to control their emotions. Practicing  meditation at the time of the full moon will be particularly productive, allowing you to channel this energy to your soul and higher mind and transmit it safely to your personality. This more organized and directed energy will then be of great benefit to all parts of you, allowing all levels to raise higher, without the emotional disturbance mentioned above.”