Higher-Self connection

Moving through the changes we are experiencing and that we  will continue to experience for years to come requires flexibility. Most people resist change and froze themselves in what is familiar instead of opening up to possibilities. Our lower or thinking mind tries to control situations and events that are uncontrollable and in fact need to evolve and change. The resistance produces fear and pain. We could avoid those difficult emotions by developing the connection with our Higher-Self, this requires expending our lower mind to our higher mind. In doing so we have access to internal resources, we can receive guidance and have a sense of timing of when to act or not to act. The development of our connection to our Higher-Self becomes essential if we want to take full advantage of the time we are living in now. One question we all should ask when we feel challenged in our life is “what I am to learn from this”. Self reflection gives us the advantage of getting out of our emotions and often gives us access to insights we would be missing otherwise.

To access our Higher-Self we need to invoke it. It requires practice for our lower mind to capture the response to the information we ask for. Yet our Higher-Self is always present and will respond to our asking even if we do not consciously hear anything back. Therefore do not limit yourself by saying “it does not work for me” it will work, it always does, and with time you will notice more and more signs of your Higher-Self connection. If you want harmony in your life ask for it, nothing can be imposed by your Higher-self, you have to ask. The more you ommunicate with your higher-Self the more you will develop the partnership with it and find the help you need to navigate those challenging times.

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