Last week as I was leading a hypnosis session my client and I were guided to look a Christmas in a more metaphysical way.

My patient was regressed to his childhood. He was in a church and as he was revisiting this memory, the realization of a metaphor about Christmas came to us. Joseph and Mary would be the representation of our Male and Female selves coming together to give birth to the Son or soul. The 3 kings traveled a long way guided and led by the Star in the sky. Those would be our three lower selves Mental, emotional and physical bodies led by our Higher-Self to find their way to the soul. They bring to the soul the gifts of their long journey of evolution.

Seen from this angle, the symbol of Christmas would be the birth of the soul to the personality’s consciousness, and the unification of the lower selves kneeling down to the service of this new king or higher power.

I found this very interesting and worth sharing with you.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.