Times of fear

In spite of what should be a time for celebration, many people are experiencing insecurity and fear either from their own doing or picking it up from people around them. Fear is one of the most damaging feeling to experience as it prevents us to raise our vibrations to link with our Higher-Self and connect with the devic consciousness around us and throughout the planet.   

In order to release fears I suggest you practice deep breathing to cleanse your etheric body. Cleansing breath consists in inhaling on the count of 5, holding that full breath on the count of 5 and exhaling slowly on the count of 5. Do it 8 to 10 times in a row. If you have a difficult time to do the breath on count 5, start by counting to 3 and as you practice gradually increase to 5. Doing this will allow you to raise up the energies in your mental and emotional bodies.

Then ask for harmony to be restored in your personality as harmony cannot be imposed, it must be invited. Harmony is found in the relationship between you and your environment therefore in the interrelation with the devas or consciousnesses surrounding you. When you ask for harmony your Higher–self will facilitate this connection and interrelation. 

Practice this everyday this week if you can and have a beautiful Christmas.