The year 2012 often generates an array of emotions, from fear to hope to simple curiosity. It marks the end of the Mayan calendar, and in view of the occurring Earth changes, people have started wondering whether there is anything about this date to be concerned with.

Many people have heard that 2012 is going to bring the end of the world—Armageddon, or the Rapture, as described in Scriptures—when in fact 2012 will mark the change from one age to another. This does not imply that there is nothing we need to prepare ourselves for, as change always brings challenges. The Rapture described in the Scriptures is not intended to represent the destruction of humanity for the purpose of its enlightenment. The Rapture represents the rising into the light of our darkest thoughts and our hateful emotions—the non-evolved consciousness in ourselves—in order to transmute them into love and compassion.