An exciting year

Let’s look at the year 2012 from the angle of numerology:

2012 represents a shift in consciousness for all in order to accommodate a new paradigm. In terms of numerology, 2012 reduces to the number five (add all the numbers in 2012 together). The number 5 represents change, therefore it is a year of change and transformation. It carries the resonance that will allow higher consciousness to impact the mind of humanity. Yet evolution happens through a succession of crises. A crisis is the rise of energy that accumulates until it explodes, dissolves, and gives place to new vibrations and perceptions. We have entered such a period, and we will experience these crises over the next two decades.

Some of you might feel very tired right now, this is most likely because of a new higher vibrational energy entering our energy field and the energy field of the planet. Other people might feel restless and driven to change their work or even their location. We are pushed in our evolution and though it might be difficult for some, it can be very exciting for others.

Let’s embrace the changes that 2012 is bringing our way, as individual, as family or as nation. It will be a great year and I send all of you my best wishes of health, love, happiness and prosperity.