Facing challenges

Last week I talked about 2012 being a year of change, this week I would like to help you preparing for those changes.

First and foremost, are you prepared to move through the changes with enough flexibility? Changes are often difficult because we resist them. If we have the flexibility to accept the changes, looking at the new with interest or even excitement, there is no suffering. But if you see changes in your life circumstances as losses you will allow fear to creep up.

This time is volatile and it will shake us out of complacency, as it needs to be. So the best course of action is to prepare yourself by developing a connection with your Higher-Self. Once this connection is established you will be able to draw upon your internal resources. It means that you will be able to see opportunities instead of losses. You will gain more by developing this connection than anything else you may do.

You cannot anticipate the future or know the best course of action from your personality alone, but your Higher-Self does and if you ask this part of you for guidance, it will show you the way and will open your mind to possibilities you did not see before. So use it, strengthen this connection by taking the habit of simply asking your Higher-Self for advice and notice which thoughts come to you that might give you answers or open your mind to new possibilities. When you are guided by your Higher-Self you will experience a delightful sense of timing of when to act or not. Practicing asking your Higher-Self for guidance will also help you develop intuition that you will be able to use all along your life regardless of any circumstances you face.

Also know that if you are experiencing fear, it is best to ask your Higher-Self to first dissolve the fear before you ask for guidance, as it will be difficult to open to your higher mind while you are trapped in your solar plexus.