Male and female Selves (part 1)

An important thing we need to understand about ourselves, is the concept of the two different main energies that are present in our personality. These are our male and our female principles, or the male self and the female self.

The male energy is on the right side of our body, and the female energy is on the left. You can corroborate this by taking a photo of yourself and cutting it in half. If you make a mirror image of each side and put together two left sides or two right sides, the resulting image will not look like you. The left and right side of your face do not look exactly alike. These two sides are a representation of two very different energies held in our subconscious mind.

Our male self carries the energy of strength, power, and sometimes aggression. We use it to survive, physically or emotionally, to fight our way through life. It is more related to our personality needs. 

Our female self energy is one of love and innate intuition. It is the energy that will eventually connect us with our soul through the law of attraction, as soul is love. The difficulty for achieving soul connection is that our female self does not have the strength or self-assurance to reach the height needed to reach the soul. This part of us is more delicate, sensitive; she needs the male self to provide her with that strength. In turn, she will give him the love that will transform his willpower into will-to-good, and transform him from a warrior into a healer.

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