Path of transformation

When we entered this new millennium, we came under the energetic vibration of the number two. This number calls for unity: unity with our environment, with other countries, with nature, unity with everyone we interact with. Ultimately, it calls for unity with our soul. This is the achievement that will take place during this millennium. We have left behind the vibration of the number one, which is related to individuality, in order for us to discover and experience relationships under the number two vibration.

How do we go from here to there, moving forward toward unity? The answer: through altruism. Each and every time someone does something kind for someone else without any intentional expectation of personal gain in return, humanity progresses. Every time an individual participates in bringing the light of the divine into this lower realm of consciousness, everyone benefits. Every time someone refrains from anger or hatred, from gossip or jealousy, he or she is disempowering darkness and freeing himself or herself from its hold.

Navigating these challenging times – Chapter 2 – Page 14