In my practice I have seen a lot of conflicts rising up lately. Be it at home on in the work place, people seem more irritable and susceptible to anger. I want to remind you that the energy this year and the years to come will bring all our darker, unresolved issues to the surface in order for us to look at them and transform them into the light. So no wonder everyone’s buttons are pushed.

Instead of being angry, look at what feels so disturbing to you when a conflict arises. Retrace the root of the problem that generates such emotions. Did you have difficulty to be heard in the past? Have you felt unloved or betrayed? Are you afraid to be abandoned or misunderstood? Do you feel unsecure? Have you pushed all those emotions and others deep down so you would not have to deal with the pain? Well in order to evolve and raise your vibrations you cannot keep those issues suppressed any longer. So do the work, dig within your inner self and purify your emotions, either by yourself, which is not always easy to do, or with professional help, but do it. This energy will not go away, it will only amplify with the years to come, so stop resisting as this will only make things more painful for you. Free yourself now, you will really enjoy the new you, your new behaviors, a sense of peace, and the wonderful feelings of freedom and harmony.

There is too much anger already out there, do not add up to this energy, surround yourself with light. When your energy is cleared you will not be attracting darkness anymore or be a point of entry for it.