Male and Female selves (Part 2)

The male and female selves need to unite. As they come closer together, they will bring transformation in our mental, emotional, and etheric bodies, until unity is realized in all of those personality levels.

This is a difficult task, as the two sides often do not see things in the same perspective and conflict with each other’s desires. This is well illustrated by the “white and black angels” on our shoulders, the male self being more associated with the personality desires and the female self with the soul. Yet the development of consciousness requires that eventually we merge our male and female self energies, as once they areone, the personality becomes united on all levels and can now proceed with the integration of the soul. We cannot unite with the soul as long as our personality has not found unity between its physical, emotional, and mental selves. All those levels are part of our male and female selves, and the union of the two brings integration of all.

Some of us express more male energy or more female energy independently of our physical gender. Some women are very aggressive, like in business, for example, and work a lot from their male self-subconscious part. In turn, some men can be very sensitive and demonstrate a strong love and compassion coming from their female self-subconscious. The more humanity progresses in this development, the more we will see this happening. Male and female energies will be more noticeable in individual personality as they will express themselves independently from the physical gender. It should be our goal in our spiritual development to even out these two parts of ourselves so that as they merge, each will benefit from the qualities of the other, allowing us to achieve balance and unity in ourselves.

Navigating These Challenging Times excerpt