Unwanted feelings

I have commented previously that many of you are now more likely to be disturbed, angry, and irritable. This comes from the energy which is helping us or forcing us, according to our level of resistance, to look at our fears. The purpose is of course for us to resolve those fears. As long as they are pushed deep down there is no reason to work on them. But fears produce narrow mindedness and rigidity, it drives us to have more conflicts with others and makes us more aggressive. So our Higher Self is using this energy to help us resolve our conflicts. It create situation in our life that will force us to reflection and to take action to resolve those conflicts and those fears.

Many of us are seeing situations resurfacing that we thought were resolved, at least it was in our mind. We thought we came to a place of peace and resolution yet they are here again and we are experiencing the same fear, anger or other negative feelings we thoughts we had put to rest. If this is happening to you, realize it is because the work around those issues is not done and you need to address those once and for all. Look at the issue, examine the fear, what is the worst that can happen? What do you need to do on the physical level to resolve it that you might not have done before? What is the lesson? Are you ready to let it go? When? Those questions will help you to go deeper in inderstanding your intention and to release your fear.