Discovering the mind

Our lower or concrete mind is the part of the mind we use to negotiate our physical life. It deals with facts either learned or acquired through life experiences. Its method or learning is often through karmic returns negative or positive. It is our thinking mind and it is limited to what it can see or conceive based on our past experiences and our education. It is common for our lower mind to experience inner conflicts when one part of our personality has a fact and another part has a different fact. The two facts do not match and a conflict within the personality arises.

Our higher or abstract mind represented by our Higher-Self is the best source of information and guidance for our personality. It could easily help our lower mind to resolve conflicts, yet often times our lower mind resists to accept the information. The recourse then, for the Higher-Self is to create situations that motivate the lower mind to open and learn. Even though accepting guidance would be the easier method for the personality to grow, we often need unpleasant or even difficult experiences to learn.

To avoid repeated karmic consequences, be mindful as you go through life, try to recognize the learning every experience brings you. Learn the lesson presented the first time around to avoid repeating bad experiences because your lower mind missed or resisted the learning. Remember, the Higher-Self will present situations increasingly more difficult for the personality to go through in order to get the attention of the lower mind and help the personality grow. I strongly recommend awareness and self introspection to avoid those.