Meditation has been defined as the continued application of the mind, reflection or contemplation on some theme. There are many meditation techniques in use today – for stress reduction and relaxation, for gaining self–awareness, attaining mental clarity, for healing or in the Triangles work, where people link each day in thought for a few minutes of creative meditation helping to uplift human consciousness.

From the perspective of the Ageless Wisdom teachings consciousness concerns the relationship between Spirit and Matter. Whilst there are differing views about the nature of consciousness few thinkers would dispute the notion that human progress depends on the creative use of the mind. Eastern philosophy maintains that to evolve the mind must soar beyond the boundaries of the intellect towards the intuition or “pure reason”. Then, the mind becomes the organ of illumination with the physical brain being a most delicate receiving and transmitting apparatus”.

Meditation techniques may form part of formal spiritual practice; however, the deep reflective thought of the scientist or the creative thinker in any creative field is also a method of meditation. Creative thought can help to bring practical solutions to world problems such as disease, poverty and malnutrition provided there is a will to implement such thought – hence the relevance of the timeless law that “energy follows thought”. The constructive power of thought is employed by individuals and groups who seek to consciously invoke ideas which can be used to serve the common good of Humanity.

The role of the imagination, as a creative agent in meditation, should not be underestimated. Indeed Einstein stated that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. The intuition is accessed via the human mind but lies beyond it; the means of access is through correct methods of meditation.

Now, more than ever before, human progress depends upon the constructive use of the mind and the imagination. The highest intellectual achievements are but a stage in human progress – the next step is for humanity to use the mind creatively and wisely but not destructively. If the mind is not to become the “slayer of the real” – it must be receptive to higher impressions.

Excerpt of the article from Lucis Trust:  “Meditation – Governs All Expansions of Consciousness” .  You can read the whole article at