Mercury Retrograde

Most of us have heard about Mercury Retrograde and the difficulties that often come with those periods of time. We are in such period and this until April 5th, so I find opportune to talk about it today.  Mercury is the planet of communication so it is a time when we need to be extra cautious about our speech, and our communication with others. It is also prudent to avoid signing contracts during that time as one might miss some important detail in the negotiation or changes may have to be made at a later date when Mercury turns direct again. But if it is advisable to back up your computer for possible malfunction and double check your appointment schedule for misunderstandings, there is also another more beneficial effect of Mercury being retrograde that I would like to talk about.

It is a time for retrospection; things that have not been resolved resurface for us to look at them again and tie up the loose ends. This can happen in many aspects of our life, personal relationships, work, but also our feelings, issues that we have put aside avoiding dealing with them. Mercury in its travel back is taking us with it giving us the opportunity to look back and examine those things in our life we need to ponder upon and possibly make decision about.

Like always, the Universe never does things randomly, everything has a purpose, so let’s focus upon the positive aspect of Mercury being retrograde and take this opportunity for self-reflection. Enjoy the wonderful discoveries and progress you can make during that time, and take action once it turns direct again after April 5th.