I would like to talk about relationships because I hear a lot of people lately blaming their partner for the state of their relationship or for their unhappiness. Of course difficult circumstances can surface, but we need to remember that fundamentally, the state of our relationships is mirroring our inner state. Inner conflict provides the seed for outer violence, so unhappiness or frustration can be examined quite clearly in terms of self-dynamics.

Once more I ask that you become aware of your thoughts, as the mind is the builder and physical experience is the result. This is true for all experiences, work related as well as personal relationships. What are your expectations? What is your desire? Are you frustrated and dissatisfied, or do you focus on the good in your life regardless of circumstances? Our state of mind produces the outcome in our physical experience.

When a partnership is based on selfish intentions, it cannot grow and flourish to bring happiness. This only creates disagreement, dissatisfaction and resentment. With the new energy pushing us to evolve those kinds of relationship will necessarily fade away as our level of tolerance will become thinner with time.

So take deliberate moments of relaxation, step back from your busy routine for at least ten minutes from time to time and seek your Higher-Self within. What is the conflict within you? What needs healing? What can you change in your attitude or in your state of mind to bring more harmony in your own self? Remember, your outer experience will always be the reflection of your inner state, and very much dependant on the energy you project.