Today the New Moon in Taurus is giving us a wonderful opportunity to shape our future and we can do so though our thought process. It is a time of high spirituality so we should be cautious about the thoughts we project. They need to be positive and of high order, seeding our path, if we want to collect the bounties that only the universe can provide.

Change is inevitable in the period we are now living in, so let’s make those changes beneficial for all of us individually and as a whole. In doing so, here are a few questions you might ask yourself.

– What do you fear? Examine that question and do not sweep your fears under the rug or you will trip over them in a very near future.

– Are you prepared with enough flexibility to be able to move through the changes that must come?

In order to move through this period of change gracefully I recommend you develop a connection with your Higher- Self so that you can draw upon your internal resources. Prepare yourself by developing this connection through meditation as you may gain more from it than from anything else you might do.

Project positive thoughts and successful outcome in everything you want to do and let the fabric of change in your life become a fabric of opportunities.