In my book I give a couple of methods to clear our energy field. One of them is called the “Divine Fire”. Fire represents a higher expression of Divine Force. Depending from where we draw these forces, some of those fires will cleanse our etheric field, other our astral or our mental field.

Part of substance that is freed by the Divine fire rises up, ascending into a higher level of consciousness, we call it raising our vibrations. The part of what is burnt descends into a lower level of consciousness to be recycled by the earth.

Doing this cleansing work is most valuable at this time as everyone is challenged by the mounting negativity and the stir up of our own emotions. So I encourage you to take 5 minutes weekly or even twice a week if you can, to sit quietly, call on your Higher-Self and ask to be connected with the Divine fire. Let the clearing take place and finish by asking your Higher Self to surround you with Grace (golden light). It is simple and it will do a lot of good to you and your environment.