Going within

As we continue to be challenged by the energies pushing us in our transformation, I would like to remind every one of the benefit of our connections both horizontal and vertical.

From our personality level we may feel alone, isolated or separated and from that perspective it is easy to find many events in our life threatening. In order to find a greater sense of safety we seek horizontal affiliations like friends, or social groups.  As comforting as this may be, it can limit our ability to reach within to higher consciousness.

When we start our journey toward spiritual development, we are often frustrated, not trusting our Higher-Self or even doubting of its existence. Parts of us might even be afraid to reach those levels and their resistance undermines our efforts or any vertical pull from our Higher-Self.

In spite of this struggle when you are committed to your spiritual development and pursue your effort, you will conquer your fear and self-doubts. Your personality will eventually advance; you will gradually learn the value of vertical linkage and awaken to the vast potential of possibilities.

So I encourage you to develop this connection, to go within when you feel challenged and ask for guidance. With perseverance you will link with your soul and then you will be able to face any obstacle you encounter.