Many of you, lately, feel defeated or overwhelmed by difficulties arising either in your own life, your loved ones, or by worldly events. So I want to remind you of the power we all have through the invocation of grace. Instead of powerlessly watching people suffer, surround them with grace; invoke grace when you watch the news or when you see an accident on the road.  Not only will it help people and difficult situations, but by invoking grace frequently, your personality will elevate in quality and character.

When the invocation of grace becomes a habit you learn the value of expressing altruism. Your personality moves away from the law of karma and functions more and more within the law of grace. This practice will help you tremendously in these challenging times and it represents a profound contribution to humanity and to the planet.

So develop the habit of invoking grace daily, whenever you see it needed, and consider yourself a co-creator with access to an amazing power to manifest higher order in chaos, light in darkness, and love in fear.