People who cannot take responsibility, either because of pride or low self esteem, blame others for every negative things happening in their life. Others on the other hand, often also because of low self-esteem, blame themselves and cannot stop the self-condemnation.

From an energetic view-point, those you condemn and blame enchainĀ themselves. They enchain themselves to other people if they refuse to take responsibility, or they keep themselves trapped in the lower, less evolved part of their being because of their judgment and guilt. The way to take of the chains of self-imposed bondage is forgiveness.

Here are a couple of ways to reach forgiveness. For the first category, people blaming others, realize that it is rare that something happens from one party only. If you find yourself in a situation, you have participated in it, either actively or though your thought process. So practice self -examination, reflect upon your involvement to discover what behavior, wish or thought has opened the door to the happening. This realization will often lead to forgiveness of the other person and learning and growth for self.

Concerning the second category, the self-condemnation, I would like to remind you that every happening in life is for the purpose of learning and growth. We make mistakes, without those mistakes we would not learn, we would not acquire the experience and the wisdom that allow us to evolve. So I would like for you to view those mistakes as beneficial and needed. What is done is done, recognize the lesson and move forwards. Call on your Higher-Self and ask that all parts of you will be helped to heal and release the issue. You then will be able to forgive yourself and others.