Dream interpretation

If you pay attention to your dreams you will receive some interesting information about struggles or progression your subconscious is working on. For example if a dream is about searching for something lost it might represent your search for your sense of identity or sense of worth. If you dream about people, even people you know, it often represents parts of yourself that hold the qualities of those in your dream. Someone who died is not always a premonition dream, it may signify a death or change of a part of you. The same is true for someone you are trying to kill in a dream, it may show the struggle you have with an aspect of yourself you want to get ride off.

So do not dismiss your dreams, they often hold keys to your emotional state. If you want to tap in the resources of your dreams, ask a question to your Higher-Self before you go to sleep. Have a pad and pencil on your night stand to record your dream as soon as you wake up to record the dream with as much detail as possible (you will forget a lot of it as soon as you are in the waking state). Then interpret your dream as an answer to your question.

In doing so, you will gain greater self-knowledge and develop the ability to receive guidance.