As change now faces each one of us anxieties rise. Anxiety can be created from our own doing, our own fears, but it can also simply be picked up from others through the astral plane we all share. Therefore it is important to be mindful of our state of being and to clear our energy regularly to avoid being swayed in this rising flow of challenging energy. If you need methods of energy clearing, refer to my book of go to “tools” on my educational website at

With change we are constantly challenged to find our balance.

–          If imbalance occurs in our mental body we will lose coherence and will feel fragmented.

–          If it occurs in your emotional body we will be submerged by intense emotions that can produce obsessions.

–     If imbalance arises in our physical body, it will lead to illness.

Finding balance is a skill of life, it will be developed through practice. Sometimes we need to lose balance to recognize when we move out of balance. Remember that our soul energy is always surrounding us therefore we always have the ability to go within and reconnect with this higher part of self to get help.

As change is now the rule, let’s remember that it also brings a sense of hope, so choose to focus on this positive aspect of change to empower it.