I cannot say enough about the changes most of us are experiencing in our life lately. From ending relationships, to change of work or health challenges, our world is in flux and we are experiencing it. There is no place to hide; we are facing ourselves with every new challenge.

It is a time to be resilient and fluid. Some people become rigid because they are afraid of their environment or of their own identity changing. Holding and resisting should not be mistaken for resilience or discipline. The last two are positive, they help us meet challenges with skill, while rigidity only depicts a fixed position that can only bring pain, because it adds to our stress.

So instead of holding your position no matter the circumstances, seek deeper understanding of what the challenge you face brings you. What do you have to learn from it, what do you need to change in your attitude or behavior to resolve it? Is evidence showing you that you need to open your mind to a new belief system? Can you look at a problem from a different perspective, to gain a greater understanding and allow a relationship to evolve?

Those are questions we should ask ourselves so we can grow and evolve in a challenging time that brings so many opportunities.