The mask we wear

The need of every human being is to be lovable. As children we start to put a mask on according to what mommy loves, what daddy loves. We continue to do the same when we are in school to be popular, it makes us feel good to be accepted.  Unfortunately we never really stop to wear the mask we want others to see, because we want them to love and appreciate us. In the process we lose our authenticity, we are afraid to show who we really are by fear that we would not be likable anymore.

We focus on all the things that are not perfect in ourselves instead of valuing the goodness we have to offer the world. Where or when did we learn to be so unloving that we cannot exercise self-forgiveness and mercy? No matter how dark some parts of us might be, we all have something good to cherish and share. Be who you are, remove the mask, you will never please everyone anyway, so do not try it.

You will feel stronger as you become more accepting of yourself, it will strengthen your solar plexus chakra, your center of power. Little by little the fear of judgment will disappear. So stop holding on to what hurts when you look inward and make room for what feels good. Empower it and tip the balance towards happiness and self-love it is a great gift to give yourself.