The Unknown

Often time the unknown generates fear; we look at it as a risk of danger rather than as an opportunity. These times of change generate a lot of fear in most people and if we let our mind run in front of ourselves it will create a doom day scenario rather than an optimistic view of the future. If we do not keep our mind in check we will be the victims of a self prophecy.

Remember, energy follows thought. We are already familiar with the fact that our mind affects our body and our health, but let’s take it a step further and realize that your mind affects my mind and the mind of everyone else. We are all connected and information can be shared even at great distance. I purposely do this everyday in my work through remote healings or intuitive readings which often include telepathic communication. Yet, we do not realize that we affect other people by just worrying about them. We affect all people by just thinking or worrying about ourselves as we put those thoughts in the universal mind we all tap into.

With this knowledge, look at the unknown in your life as a blank canvas, sit in front of it, and reflect on it, what comes to you? What do you want to put on this canvas? Remember your reality starts with your thoughts, so draw on it what you really want to bring and experience in your life instead of filling it with your fears.

Befriend life, cultivate a trust of life, and trust the process of growth.