Vow of poverty

Many people right now are concerned about the economy. Either employed or working for themselves, they feel insecure about their finances. Even though no one can guard completely against a difficult economy, there is something we all should do: reflect on our relationship with money.

Consciously most of us want money; it brings some sense of freedom and security. But we do not realize that subconsciously we might have a very different programming from previous lives.  Most of you who read my blog accept the fact that we have lived through many incarnations. Some of those incarnations most likely included times where, because of religious beliefs, we have made very sincere vows to live in poverty. It was common over the ages to believe that money is evil and that in order to be pure one needed to be destitute. Those vows of poverty are entrenched in our body’s cellular memory, it is part of our psyche, and even though we might not hold those beliefs anymore it is part of our subconscious and therefore it affects our reality.

So to give yourself a chance to allow the energy of money to flow freely to you, erase those outdated promises and commitments to be poor. Sit quietly, connect with your inner being and with your Higher Self, and say the following with a real intent of purpose:

“I release any vow of poverty I might have made in any life time, from any level of my being, and for all times. I free myself from any limited and outdated beliefs regarding money, and I open myself to the abundance that is rightfully mine for the highest good of all”

Freedom is the greatest gift, releasing anchors for the past is bringing it to your life.