Events have reminded me that change is not only happening to us human beings. Several people including myself have lost their pet within the last few weeks, and because of the rather large number, I realized that it is part of the plan. The infusion of new energy we are receiving is pushing us to evolve but also to let go when the body is too weak to absorb and integrate it. This is true for us, for our dear companions, and for any other life on earth.

We are here in a body designed to die. Death is part of life.  When one dies, it is the death of the physical body and the rebirth of the soul, the continuity of life. As an example, when my little dog passed, a few hours later he came to visit me and I saw him running around excited, he could not stop running. I realized then, that having been trapped in his old body, not only for these last two months but probably for the two years prior, when he could only walk short distances, must have been very painful for him. I miss him so much but I also know how wonderful it is to release the spirit again, and find a new unlimited life. I have experienced it with people who came to visit me after they transitioned and with pets alike.

Even though we are not in charge of the forces of creation, there is solace to remember that there is no death, no one can kill life, only a physical body can die.