Full Moon

The day of the full moon is always a special time as it intensifies all energies upon the earth. Often people respond with emotional impulses, with varying levels of intensity. Thus, today is a day to practice mindfulness and learn more about yourself. Are you irritable, highly emotional or are you experiencing a surge of creativity?

If you have difficulty sleeping, lose your patience or worry more than usual, you probably can blame the full moon for it. Do not use it as an excuse though to let your emotions loose, as it would be detrimental to your energy and most likely unpleasant to others around you. Instead give yourself the gift of 15 to 20 minutes of meditation, access your higher-consciousness, quiet your mind and benefit from the gift of clearing and expansion this special time can bring you.

Learn to work with the forces of the universe instead of resisting them. Knowledge is power, being aware of your emotional sparks and understanding your behaviors is a great step in your personal development.