Our shadow

Our shadow is the part of our personality that is not yet evolved. It keeps us under its control through fear and typically drives us to act in compulsive ways. It removes our freedom of choice and creates harm, guilt and shame.

You can see the clearing of your shadow as an ever lasting work, but I like to look at it as a daily work. Do not be overwhelmed by the task, realize that every step taken each day is making a difference in the clarity of your energy, and that with time, it will transform the way you feel and the way you behave.

Start by taking the habit of reviewing your choices each day. You are making many choices everyday, but at least ponder on the most important ones. Were those choices made out of fear, guilt, selfishness, or were they inspired by your higher consciousness? Are you working out of old scripts or old wounds or are you acting in accordance with who you are today?

Self awareness is the first requirement to clear our shadow. Once you take the habit to consider your options and consistently make deliberate choices you will experience a wonderful feeling of freedom and empowerment.