Daily routine shrinks our life. If we do not challenge ourselves our life goes small; we are just passing time. Our soul is not involved when we let the routine of our everyday life take over our spirit.

As the universe is always involved, from time to time some planetary aspects force us to movement. This month, and for quite awhile, we will be pushed by a square between Uranus and Pluto, the planet of change and revolution opposing the planet of transformation. With this astrological happening it will be difficult for anyone to stay stagnant. Therefore, it is a very good time to involve your soul and receive insights through self-reflection. Those energetic challenges are here to teach us, if we so chose, how to help our personality’s rising fear and its feeling of loosing control, by reaching out to our soul and calling for help.

Our soul is here to help, yet many of us are still dwelling in our daily struggles, resorting to daily routine either by laziness or to keep an illusion of safety. So instead of resisting and suffering, take the opportunity during these next few months to develop the practice of connecting with your soul and relinquishing your fears or pain to it. What do you want your life to look like in the next three years? Plan it out; let your soul guide you through picturing and creating it. This will open the path to your new future, your new beginning.

Taking risks can be regarded as a danger or as an opportunity.  Focus your mind on the opportunity and move forward, if you have involved it, your soul is watching.