I would like to clarify what surrendering is as many of us have an unclear view of what it means beyond the word itself. We try everything we can to get out of a situation, and when all fails we give up. Giving up is not surrendering.

Surrendering is trusting that forces are at play. It is acknowledging that we are not in charge of the forces of creation and that we do not have much control in any case. All we can do is use our mind to organize our life.  The next step is to trust that these forces of creation are leading us to something better for our higher good. This is where the difficulty arises. Our highest good might not be perceived by our personality, and therefore we have difficulty letting go, as if we had any control anyway.

When you have difficulty letting go of the illusion of control, remember a time when something bad happened to you, you thought it was the worst, yet you came to realize later that it happened because something better was coming your way. You needed to be free, but when you lost a job or a relationship you suffered. Your mind did not understand that it was in fact a good thing because it could not see the future. From that level you did not know a better job or a happier relationship was on the horizon, or that you were getting cleared of a karma.

Use those memories and remember that your soul does not want you to be miserable as this would not be in harmony with creation. So let go, surrender. After all, if you cannot trust God, who can you trust?