A large number of people have been impacted lately by violent emotions due to rather challenging experiences. So let’s talk about emotions as they are among the most valuable teachers.

We have all tried time and time again to remain calm and more detached in certain situations to no avail. It is important to remember that our subconscious mind stores our memories through feelings. Therefore when we invest ourselves in something, our mind can get hung up in opening the file where the emotion is stored. It then replays the story making us experience the emotion again, even though the story is over. As an example, our feeling of fear, due to past experiences, limits us in our actions and places we go. Some of those fears are valuable, they keep us safe, but a lot of them are irrational and simply limiting.

Even though emotions are real they might not be true. Your mind has the capability to make you an actor in a story through the emotions it generates. Befriend your emotions, look at them and receive insights, so you can interact with them with a more positive attitude. Self-compassion can change the trajectory of negative emotions. When you are in touch with a negative emotion, take some deep breaths to get centered and grounded and bring your mind to pay attention to your breathing. It will help you detach and regain objectivity.

Emotions are valuable teachers as long as we do not try to use them to validate or justify our position. Instead, use the power of emotions to create lasting changes in a deliberate way