Our mind is so prone to judgment and criticism that we judge people for their weaknesses. We also judge sceneries or a piece of art for what is missing. We do not realize that when we criticize, instead of appreciating, we lose the moment. It shifts us into a negative arena, subtracting from the event instead of adding to it through appreciation.

We do the same toward ourselves, yet judging oneself just brings inner turmoil. We cannot eliminate all that is bad in our life. So instead of fighting with your mind, change your perception. By accepting who you are, you let go of the need to defend the image of yourself. Once you stop fighting with yourself and suppress your emotions you can actually have an honest picture of who you are and take action to change what you do not like about yourself. Do not judge it, just accept it and change it.

What do you want your life to stand for? Be in touch with your values, what matters in your life. Are your goals good for you and for the people around you? Criticizing or comparing yourself to others will not take you closer to your goals, it will just bring you suffering.

Remember that mistakes and successes bring us more wisdom. So do not be swept away by guilt, pick yourself up and take action to work towards your goals. In doing so you will gain self acceptance and appreciation for who you are. You will experience the freedom of moving from your critical mind to your heart.