Most of us know that healing comes from forgiveness, so we work hard trying to forgive others. Yet we are the strongest critics of ourselves, looking back on our mistakes with harsh judgment.

We identify with our shadow self, believing we cannot change or that in order to change we need to remain self-critical. This is a false concept because it prevents us to be in touch with the softer, tender side of our nature. I am not talking about being self-indulgent.  Being aware is critical for any progress to be made, but it is only when we can accept ourselves that we can change.

We need compassion for everyone, including ourselves.  Chewing ourselves out will never help us, it will just make us feel bad about who we are, and disconnect us from our talents. Self-judgment and criticism make us insecure, and with time our energy shrinks and so do our dreams.

So instead of judging yourself, make a list of all the good things that are also part of your nature, and use those qualities to heal the less desirable side of you. Feel compassion, forgive yourself and move on knowing that you are better and stronger today because of those mistakes and the learning they brought you.