It is so easy, especially in tumultuous times to let emotions pull us in many directions. We become scattered, indecisive, and eventually fearful or frustrated. Even though those emotions are real they are not always true. Uncertainty is part of life. Life changes; nature is in constant evolution.  Like the tide in the ocean there are always flux’s and cycles in our experiences.

You may have fantasies that you will be happy once you find the perfect relationship, or once you have a certain amount of money. Those are thoughts that prevent you from being happy today. So look at the changes or uncertainty of your life with excitement rather than fear, and focus on the opportunities and possibilities they bring.

You cannot get rid of uncertainty.  No one knows what next week may bring, so allow yourself to feel the mysterious grandeur of a blue sky or of the nature around you when you hike. Do not let yourself be distracted by a life so busy that you cannot get in touch with what is important to you, your values, what would make you really happy.

Do not let anyone take your joy away from you, we are all part of the cosmic heart, so be present, and cultivate a loving awareness in all you do. Life will always bring changes, but it is your receptivity and attitude towards them that will make your experience happy or difficult.