When natural disasters happen, bringing destruction and taking lives, it creates a mass reaction of compassion and solidarity. We put our differences aside and we connect through love with one another. We feel compassion for the ones who suffer and we often want to help.

We can see the effects of sandy’s devastation but also the unity it has brought, with governors, mayors and the president coming together to attend to the needs of the people. In the process they open their hearts, forgetting the partisanship and their harsh criticisms to look at each other as men, beyond the titles and the parties.

This is the higher purpose of such disasters, to open our hearts. Do we really need people to sacrifice their lives for us to finally let go of our selfishness or our indifference? I certainly hope not because this is exactly what we will experience with more and more frequency if we do. This is what 2012 is the marker for, bringing the dawn of a new era where people live from their heart rather than their ego.

We can choose to open our heart consciously, in a safe and harmonious way by simply bringing the light, daily, to heal our world, or we can do it the hard way, through pain and destruction. I chose the light a long time ago and I ask you to join me so we can overcome our fear and save lives.