The energetic tension is so intense right now that I have heard a lot of discouragement in people’s speech. Some even mention death as an option for relief. Even though putting an end to struggle and fear might sound good at times, death is not the option. It should not be thought of lightly as we create through our mind, and all energy that is put in motion comes back to us.

Furthermore the difficulties presented to us are here to help us grow and evolve in a spiritual way. If we are staying in our comfort zone we are most likely not growing. We are hiding from our inner challenge, so our Higher-Self has to present us with opportunities for growth in the form of physical challenges. We are ultimately challenged to move beyond fear, exercise faith, and develop trust.

Divinity challenges each one of us again and again throughout the process of spiritual evolution. Many lifetimes pass when the resistance to growth is sufficiently strong to reduce evolution. Yet, we always start a new incarnation where we left off in the last one. Our personality will be different in our next incarnation, but spiritual growth will still be the priority and we will be presented with the same challenges we tried to escape in the previous incarnation.

So move beyond the surface of life, beyond the mundane level of mind into the deeper core of your being. Call on your Higher-self to help you move through your fear or discouragement. If you do not hear the response, trust that your Higher-Self has heard you and that you will receive the help you need. If you resist what you know you should be doing you will continue to suffer, but if you move through your fear you will increase your capability to accept a greater identity and a more fulfilling life.