As indicated in the name it is a time dedicated to gratitude. Even though our life might be worrisome or even challenging, we all have things to be thankful for.  Some of you are experiencing painful losses, either through divorce, health, death, jobs, or difficulties with children.  It is sometimes difficult to keep a spirit of gratitude, and yet, let’s reflect on things we often forget to be thankful for.

–          If your eyes can see, you can enjoy the light and the brightness of a sunny day, you can read, drive, and notice a smile on someone’s face.

–          If you can hear, you can listen to music, enjoy a conversation, hear birds singing, or the laughter of children playing.

–          If you can walk, you can hike in nature, dance, visit friends, or simply be independent in your own home.

We often do not realize how lucky we are just to have those things that we take for granted. I invite you to make a list of 10 things you enjoy in your life; it can be as simple as listening to the sound of the waves on the beach or feeling the sun’s warmth on your face. Keep this list with you so if one day you feel depressed, look at your list, and bring your spirit back.

Remember, if you want your life to be happy, pave your path with positive, happy thoughts. Gratitude and being full of love and appreciation will bring you the greatest returns.