Emotional blocks

When we come to the realization that our emotions are energy put in motion we also understand that different emotions vibrate at different rates. They are determining the quality of our emotional body in our energy field. Some of this energy can be trapped in our body and what we call emotional baggage is literally energy blocks trapped in our energy field.

Trapped emotions affect our health, and releasing them can change our life. In re-releasing those different frequencies, the distortion in our energy field disappears and the body can go back to its normal free vibration. If for example, you have neck or back pain created by trapped anger or resentment, those emotions will be more readily expressed in your life as they are already in your body, vibrating at a particular rate. When tears well up when you talk about something, it is a definite sign of trapped emotions.

Trapped emotions can bring all kinds of diseases such as immune disorder, digestive problems, depression, asthma, self sabotaging tendencies, to name a few. People who have been emotionally hurt protect themselves by putting a wall around their heart. It makes it difficult to connect to others, to have friends or to have a happy romantic relationship.

So be aware of the pain in your body, where it is located, how it affects you, or the struggle you may have in repeating the same bad relationships. It might be time to look at the emotions behind it and free yourself from the emotional baggage.