We often remember bad experiences more than we remember positive ones. We also forget to acknowledge when we feel good in our body, taking it for granted. Yet, as soon as we experience pain or discomfort we become alarmed or at least concerned. This negative bias is innate to our mind.  It serves as a self protective tool either against further pain, if we have been emotionally hurt in the past, or for physical survival.

In order to counter this negative tendency it is important to reprogram our brain by training it to acknowledge positive experiences. As we focus on positive experiences long enough, (about 30 seconds), they will be recorded in our subconscious mind, and stored in our permanent memory to be retrieved as resources when needed.

All positive experiences are significant, no matter their intensity. From enjoying your favorite food, to a fulfilling time with someone dear, or a walk in nature, acknowledging the pleasure and feeling gratitude for the experience will help you transform the natural negative tendency of your brain and bring a more positive attitude in your everyday life.