Protect your brain function

Everyone can benefit from little strategies to protect their brain and cognitive abilities, so here are 5 easy steps to do just that.

–          Eat right. Research from UCLA shows dramatic results in the increase of brain size with a diet rich on of DHA and omega 3. Let Walnut, fish and flaxseed, among others, be part of your diet.  They are high on omega 3.

–          Exercise. Regular exercise regulates the gene responsible for Alzheimer’s, and increases brain function in general.

–          Be in love or bring novelty in your life. Being in love encourages neuro-plasticity.  If you are in a settled relationship or do not have anyone to be in love with, add novelty in your life it will increase the level of dopamine in your brain.

–          As our brain ages it reduces memory. Do mental exercises to increase your memory capability, and use the roman room method to remember specifics things. Imagine the rooms and furniture in your house for example and place a carton of eggs on the bed if you need to buy eggs. Placing an object in an odd place will help you remember.

–          Focus. Multi-tasking decreases the ability to focus as it divides the attention. Multitasking can decrease our cognitive ability and our productivity by 30%. So focus on one activity at a time if you want to improve your productivity.

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