Mercury retrograde

Tomorrow Sunday 24th will be full moon. The energy upon the earth will be intensified, and many people will respond to it with strong emotional impulses. Do not let your emotions force you to make irrational decision or drive you into a hole of darkness. If you experience this, It is just the full moon energy, it will pass and you will have a clearer mind by Monday. In between bring the light and clear your energy.

We also are starting a Mercury retrograde cycle that will last until March 17th, refrain to make any new important decision during that period,  as you might regret it later. It is a time to reflect on past issues and tight up loose ends. You might do well backing up your computers, as Mercury, the planet of communication, is well-known to create communication and electronic problems when in retrograde.

It is a great time to finish up what you have already started rather than starting new things and gather the fruit of all your efforts.