Will power

Even though you may think you do not have the discipline or the strength to exercise will power, most likely you use it more than you think. There are two major ways we use our will, one is to resist temptation, the other is to go after what we want, finding the strength to reach our goal.

Will power also helps us to regulate our impulses and cooperate with others, to control our temper, for example. We also use will power to help us refocus when we meditate. Will power is a strength we can train. If you want to resist doing something you do not want to do, take some deep breaths, and then refocus your attention to your goal, this will bring back balance in your body. It will also have the advantage of releasing the stress in your body.

Being in a state of will power requires that you are rested. Physical exercise increases our ability to express will power, as it reduces stress, creating a better balance in the brain that in turn allows us to make better decisions. Studies show, however, that when we stop exercising our brain deteriorates again and all our good choices start falling away.

Do not forget that you can also exercise your will power to help others by resisting gossip, judging others, or being prejudiced.