There are many signs that show us when we are out of alignment, we just need to be attentive to the messages we receive. For example your body will tell you it is out of balance through pain or discomfort, yet, instead of paying attention to the message and trying to trace the source of the pain that often comes from an emotional source, we take medication to suppress it. In doing so, not only do we not listen to the message but we create more damage because of the drugs side effects.

In the same way when we encounter difficulties in our work or in following our goals we often blame circumstances rather than examining our thought process. Which kind of messages are you really sending out? Are you clear in your resolve or do you have conflicting desires and thoughts? You may think with real determination that you want to be successful and on top of your game, yet, another part of you may think it is too much work, it takes too much time, or it is not worth it. If your desires are not in alignment with your thoughts you cannot manifest what you want.

So take the time to go within and examine the cross currents of your mind and emotions that may be responsible for your pain or lack of satisfaction in your life, as those are clear signs of misalignment. Be aware of your real desires and bring yourself back into the flow of creation.