Planetary transformation

When we think about planetary changes we often wonder how these changes are happening and why. The purpose of energetic transformation is mostly for spiritual stimulation. These new energies, coming from different sources, affect the mental and etheric body of all entities dwelling on this planet. We all experience multiple stimuli from these energies and respond to them differently.

You might at times find yourself disoriented, going to a room and for a brief moment wondering where you are or what you went there for. Those moments happen as part of the reorganization of your mental body. It might also produce times of discord, or of intense reorganization in your life.

These levels of transformation are now taking place and will continue for years to come. If you have read my book you know that I foresee these transformations taking place until 2025. These changes will bring significant improvement in our consciousness, so even if the transition is difficult at times, it is beneficial for all of us and for our planet.