Trust requires an assessment of the harmful or helpful intentions of other people, or in the case of spirituality, of one’s soul. A lot of people have difficulty trusting their soul, or God if we consider souls to be a part of divinity, because they do not know its intention. Logically we should know that our own soul would not purposely harm us, yet because of fear we try to control which kind of help we receive and how it should come.

We cannot always control the outcome of situations, and entering into a power struggle with our soul will only create pain. Not only will what we resist persist, but when we push in a direction that presents signs of difficulties, we are clearly outside the path of our soul. Remember at its level, the soul has access to the past, present and future. What seems good from the limited view of our ego might have a very different outlook from the perspective of the soul.

The starting point is to build a greater trust in ourselves. We project on others what we are. If our mind is suspicious and fearful we cannot trust others and we will not be capable of trusting divinity, when our best ally and benefactor is our Divine Self.