Religions vs. spirituality

Words are treacherous as they carry different interpretations to many people. When we talk about God, this word has a very individual sense and understanding for everyone. If you talk about God most people will think you are religious. Yet religions are man-made. Each religion has a prophet, a man with an advanced consciousness who came in incarnation to give a message to the population at the time. Jesus said God is love, Buddha said God is wisdom, before them Jehovah said God is power. Because, from our concrete mind we need to give a physical form to God, we worship the messengers rather than God himself.

As a metaphysician, for me God is all.  He/she is the universe and beyond. We live in his essence like a cell lives in our body. We are part of his consciousness so there is no one to worship.  Instead we should just feel in awe of this incredible creation. When we understand the laws of the universe, that it is the law of karma, the law of cycle, the law of correspondence and so on, we realize the order and orchestration of this universe and the evolution that follows.

Spirituality is finding God within, with the acceptance for all creation and all ideas, the realization that no matter the difference of our ideals and beliefs we are all part of the same consciousness. This understanding opens to love and love brings unity